Chrysler Voyager

Chrysler’s Voyager underwent some minor improvements that were geared toward increasing the vehicles desirability. Chrysler revamped the front end bringing the Voyager in-line design wise with the rest of its current models, including a new grille and headlights, the company also added new wheel trims designed to improve the vehicles over all appearance.

The vehicle’s interior was also enhanced by adding curtain air bags, and seat belt warnings that alert the driver to an unbuckled front passenger. Effective measures have been taken to reduce engine and road noise.

Under the hood the vehicle’s 2.8-litre CRD diesel engine provides improved acceleration and fuel economy. The diesel engine is a favorite among Voyager customers and not only provides improved fuel economy, but also increase power for rapid acceleration even from a stopped position.

The combination of interior and exterior changes makes the Voyage a much more mechanically and visually appealing vehicle. Not to mention that the cabin is comfortable and functional, and has many nice features as well. The Voyager is a viable competitor and is forcing the competition to stop and take notice. The enhancements are also causing buyers to take a closer look too.


The Voyager is an expensive vehicle, but it offers a lot too. It can carry a large quantity of passengers and luggage, while providing a comfortable ride at the same time. The diesel option allows the buyer to save on fuel costs, and value for money should even out if the vehicle is used to its full capacity.

The Voyager has more than enough cabin space. Even with seven passengers the Voyager’s cabin provides plenty of head and legroom for everybody.  Front passengers have the most room, middle and rear passengers have adequate room. The seats are removable to increase cargo space.

The Controls and displays in the Voyager are all large, clear and easy to use. The backlight is a pleasant green color, and for the most part all the controls are functional, but the dials and controls have an outdated feel to them.

The Voyager’s seats are quite comfortable with several levels of adjustment available. The back seats do not adjust and are more like bench seats. All are fairly comfortable, even on longer trips.

The Voyager accommodates accessibility with sliding doors on either side.  Front doors also open widely providing easy access to the front seats as well.

The Voyager is an easy car to park. Despite its large size the side mirrors are well placed and make it easy to judge where the front and rear of the vehicle end.

Life Style

The Chrysler Voyager has great driver appeal. The sheer size and weight of the vehicle make it comfortable to drive even on rougher terrain. The diesel engine provides plenty of power for the large vehicle to drive without it feeling sluggish or lacking. Steering is firm but not too firm and the brakes are very responsive as well making the Voyager an over all excellent car to drive.

The Voyager is the ideal family car. It has plenty of space to seat a large family comfortably on a day-to-day basis. It also has enough space to accommodate an entire family and their luggage comfortably on longer trips.

The Voyager would not make a good first vehicle. Besides the fact that it is very expensive to buy, it is too large for a new driver to handle, and running costs, insurance, and fuel costs would be too expensive for most new drivers as well. Other than that the van is easy to drive if there is a new driver with the need for so many seats or such a large cargo capacity.

The Voyager has an over all good build quality. The interior boasts quality materials as well.  The Voyager may have a more high-class image than other cars in its sector due mainly to the Chryslerbrand that it sports.

Security and Safety

The Voyager is an expensive vehicle and could easily attract a thief’s attention. This vehicle comes standard with remote central locking, an electronic immobilizer, and a Thatcham approved security alarm system.

The Voyages safety standards have improved with the addition of curtain airbags. Now the vehicle comes standard with ABS, front twin and curtain air bags, and a seat belt warning system.

The Finishing Touches

The Voyager comes with a standard stereo unit including a CD player. The basic functions are duplicated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience. The stereo produces a good quality of sound.


The Voyager is not the best performer in its class, but it offers other features that buyers will find quite appealing, such as; loads of cabin space and the ability to carry seven passengers comfortably. There is enough space for luggage and passengers, and it has good equipment levels and basically provides a good ride.

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