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The Next Step

The Next Step

For the next step you should use some of the online sites which advertise cars for sale, sites such as BuyYourCar and Autotrader both have relationships with a huge amount of dealerships, and they also have locator tools on the site so you can search for the exact car you want within a certain amount of miles.

Here I have attempted to find a Peugeot 206 within 20 miles of Old Trafford, within a second I had 5 pages of viable options to choose from.

If you can find your perfect car on one of these pages then you can either contact the dealer through the site, alternatively you can go down or yourself and give it a test drive.

Using tools such as these cancels out a lot of idle searching, you can create an itinerary of which car is where and where you need to go meaning your car hunt is as efficient as possible. If your search gives you unsatisfactory results you can broaden your search by increasing the distance up to within 150 miles (hopefully you won’t have to go that far).